Services - Websites.

your job is to have a vision.
mine is to help it come alive online.

My greatest love within the world of web design is getting to hear my clients’ dreams and seeing their eyes light up at the retelling of their passions. 

It’s truly an honour for me to be deeply involved within this creative process, and in creating a website that will fully embody your dreams, visions and goals. 

so, how does this all work?

Initial Intake.

This is where we sit down and chat about what exactly you are hoping to accomplish with your website.

  • your goal audience
  • your hopes within this business, organization, etc.
  • how much you would like to be involved with this process & afterwards (eg. do you want to learn how to edit some pieces in the future?)

Discussions & design.

Next, we begin the actual web design and necessary communications to do so. 

  • conversations about styling & design of site (colors, site flow, etc.).
  • research & design work on my end.
  • opportunities for you to check in, see how you like the look, give feedback, etc.

dreams = reality!

The moment we’ve all been excited for… You get to see your visions come to life!

  • the official publishing of your site for others to see & use
  • any additional training that might be necessary for you to learn the site (if that’s requested)
  • any additional future support from me – per our discussions!

some samples of what your site may look like...

Sports Lounge
Kaya teachers
Yoga Studio

read some testimonials:


send me a message to get the conversation going.

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