Video production

showing your world through a new lens.
specializing in editing & post-production.

Drafting the vision of what you want to see on screen.

Creating, videotaping, and editing it all together.

Providing you with HQ videos that you can share.

InnerSense Designs offers custom Video Production Services, specializing in post-production.

One of the most valuable ways to get a message across, as well as attract visitors that resonate with your vision, is through film. 

If you have an idea or even a basic concept of what you’d like to see come alive onscreen, we can work together to make this happen. 

Alternatively, if you already have footage that needs to be edited, InnerSense Designs will help in post-production to create the vision that you’d like to see on screen.

"Thank you Kacie for working with me on my short film. You truly are a dream weaver. I appreciate your attention to detail and your ability to take raw footage and through listening deeply you were able to tell our story, not only visually but with the full heart and essence of what was envisioned. Working with Kacie on this personal project was deeply profound."
Rachel T.

Full Production


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