Meet the creator of InnerSense Designs…

Hi, my name is Kacie. 

I love writing, travel, being in nature, and creating magic through the world of technology, film, and web design.

I’ve loved web design since I was able to first build my own site on a crowdsourced platform. 

My first site was called “The Candy Shoppe” – and it was all for helping my middle school classmates with assignments, study guides… And also was a space for me to share and get creative.

My video work came about even earlier – anyone remember “Flip Cams?” It was a small USB video camera that could plug right into my computer… And I loved the world that I could create through film. 

That creativity evolved into many places: Designing websites for clients, offering video production and editing services to small companies and organizations, and a bit of photography work as well. 

My hopes in continuing this work is to delve into my personal love of content creation… And to have that be supporting others’ dreams coming to life, whether it be their first business or their fifth. 

I hope that, if your vision matches any services that I can provide, we will be able to work well together! 



Creator of InnerSense Designs


To support your organization, business, etc. to fully sustain and flourish on the online world. 


Fully empowered human beings being able to go after what they want in the world — and have the proper support available to do so. 


Software Proficiency:

▪Adobe Premiere Pro ▪Adobe Photoshop ▪Adobe Illustrator ▪Adobe Audition ▪Adobe Illustrator ▪Adobe After Effects ▪Weebly and WordPress

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